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Rwanda Down Syndrome Organization (RDSO) is a non-profit organization based in Rwanda that has the mandate to create and develop conditions which enable people with Down syndrome (DS) in Rwanda to attain their full potential capacities to lead healthy, happy, and productive lives. The organization is registered under RGB N0 722/RGB/NGO/LP/01/2021

In Rwanda, individuals with Down Syndrome face isolation, and lack of information due to negative attitudes towards them thus contributing to their limited access to education and employment opportunities. RDSO works with a group of young adults with Down Syndrome to advocate for their rights. The organisation aims to raise awareness, secure funding, and improve government support to address these issues.

Current Context

RDSO has identified over 450 individuals with Down Syndrome but acknowledges the need for broader outreach. They provide healthcare information, facilitate connections with professionals, checking if families have done the Karyotype test, advising on physiotherapy and occupational therapy and finally organising awareness events, with the hope that this will initiate national level discussions on the inclusion of people with Down syndrome.

Talent4U Project

Empowering people with Down Syndrome through vocational training and internships. The programme aims to enhance skills, raise awareness and advocate for inclusive policies to combat stigma and promote employment opportunities.

With sufficient funding, the RDSO Talent4U project will train twenty young adults with Down syndrome in barista and jewellery making skills in partnership with Neo Cafe and Isabis interiors. Successful trainees will have an opportunity for a three month internship. The training includes marketing and awareness campaigns to facilitate product sales, therefore providing them with ownership over their futures and continued opportunities for self advocacy.